Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Summer CoLLection By DNC SHOES


NEW CoLLection From DNC SHOES for Summer 2011
Price: 130idr

My Fave cLogs..
The wedges reaL from wooden..
Price: 200idr

Price: 150idr

Price: 180idr,, with RED SOLE

Price: 130idr
It's My design for wedges,,I CaLL it Like my name.. "Diana" Wedges Series
Price: 150idr
eLise is so cute..
my fave coLour,,tosca-pink
Price: 160idr

this is one of my fave wedges,,
the coLOur so cute,,,
Price: 160idr

Wedges made from REAL Wooden
Price: 200idr

docmart Lovers..
u can made your design docmart @DNC SHOES
Price: 250idr

Price: 180idr, with RED SOLE

Price: 180idr, with RED SOLE

ok,,that's preview Summer CoLLection From DNC SHOES..
For Order your can kLik Here
Or Add Facebook : Dhe Butik Tiga,,

Note: The Picture take before I Wear Hijab




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